Pregnancy test kits are 99% accurate and are cheap and locally available in every other chemist. So if you get those little red lines, then Congratulations! So what’s next?

So what happens next?

Many things will definitely cross your mind like if you should make an urgent appointment to see your doctor? Or should you tell the whole world Or when is the baby due, What you should be eating, Or even wondering if you should be drinking alcohol? And the list is endless

Often, we rush off to see the doctor straight away with great excitement expecting the doctor to be just as excited and start taking blood samples straight away, but they will probably just book you in for an appointment at a later date. It can be a bit of an anticlimax, but do go and see your gynecologist and use it as an opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

But really, the answer to “What do I do now?”…..It is not  a life-threatening change of behavior  as many would  think but it’s simply stopping some habits like drinking and smoking and trying to eat and live healthily. Some women like to tell everyone straight away while others like will wait until about 12 weeks when the greatest danger of miscarriage has passed. It is worth thinking about telling close friends and family before the 12-week mark, as if you do miscarry you will need support and love from your closest friends and family.  Other than that, life will just go  on as normal, which can be very frustrating as it certainly doesn’t seem normal to you anymore.

From the day you find out you are pregnant with your first child, you have crossed over a huge emotional line. These strange maternal emotional instincts kick in so that even before you have your baby you are full of new fears, hopes and dreams. You will never again be the carefree person you were except for some few.

As for partners, they may be very thrilled by the good news but they are just as likely to seem to forget all about it most of the time and continue their lives as before, which can be annoying and seems very unfair! Remember, men cope with things differently and it may just be that they are a bit scared and are coming to terms with it in their own way, or that they are sticking their heads in the sand. Don’t worry because your baby will dig them out of there pretty quickly!