Happy New Year!  I know it’s very cliche to have resolutions and to be honest I never write any……I just have them somewhere in my head… So this year, I decided to write down some!

These are the questions that ran through my head……What would I really want us to achieve as a family this year? How can I improve my parenting skills? How can I make my family bond and flourish the love we share?……. Here goes!

  • Spend more time with family: With the busy work schedules, getting home late…. I have to consciously create time for my children and husband. This also extends to my siblings and parents.
  • Believe I am a good parent: Self doubt really gets to me……Am I raising my children well? Can I do more? and the biggest of all….My house-girl is raising my kids! YIKES!….. With all these doubts, I need to believe I am doing my best so that I can spend more time giving it all rather than worrying.
  • Create more “Dad & Mom” time alone: I realized that time  with my husband is also time spent with the kids……Oh My! I think there was a time I called him “daddy” instead of the usual Paul!!….. Yes, we do need to escape from the children and bond alone.
  • When I feel like I want to beat up the kids……take a Breathe: Children have a way of pushing me to my boiling point…..and the first instinct is to “beat the hell” ……okay, let me be politically correct…… I want to discipline them there and then!! I have in the past felt a bit guilty for over-reacting……so this year, I will pause and take a breathe……
  • Be fair…. They are all my kids! We don’t like to admit it as parents…..but we like one child a little tiny bit more than the others…..YES IT’S TRUE!!! so this year, I will work on being fair…..even to the one that has the worst behavior….
  • I will not judge other parents…..It is hard work! I do, yes I do…..wonder what the other parent was thinking letting their kids out of the house in skimpy clothes or weird hairstyles….. Parenting is hard! I will give other parents a break!
  • Eat more healthily this year: Isn’t it easier to pack juice and biscuits for break? OR eat chips and sausages when you don’t feel like cooking…. Well, I am seeing the consequences of my decisions…..lets just say am not the only one who needs to go to the gym this year! My daughter cannot fit into any of her clothes, and she now thinks she is fat! This has to be reversed ASAP! healthy food it is for our family this year…..
  • Make a difference in society together with the kids: This year, I will involve my children in the community projects that I have been doing….I believe it is great to pass down the values of community and empathy earlier on in life and they will grow to be better Kenyans.
  • Take a vacation: time to play, have fun and relax…..
  • Enjoy the simple pleasures of life and teach the kids to be grateful for what they have : After losing a parent last year, I appreciate every day I wake up….being alive is a gift from God…..every time spent with my family is precious and I would like to teach the children to be grateful for their lives.